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BARK is a jazzquartet located in Oslo. The four musicians stretch and bend their music from thoroughly arranged compositions and melodies, to longer improvised parts - while keeping base in the nordic-influenced jazz. 

The quartet has an honest and intimate approach to both their music and their concerts. This music is not only meant for the trained jazz-ear, but also for the average joe who enjoys good music and a good experience. The four guys have been playing a lot together and have a close relationship - which they strongly express on stage.

In the spring of 2017 they travelled around Norway on tour and this year they’re going in the studio to record. In the spring of 2018 they went for another tour - but this time all around Scandinavia. The quartet is now planning to record their first album in the summer of 2019, and are looking forward to get a worthy product of their music. 


Bjørn Helge Gammelsæter - keys
Adrian Barstad Andresen - trumpet & bukkehorn
Erlend Tredal - bass

Sindre Bakkåker - drums

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Video Channel

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