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Adrian is born and raised in Stavanger, the western part of Norway. In his younger years, he always sang and danced as a kid. When reaching the age of 6, he could finally start in a school band at a trumpet - and has been stuck with the same beautiful instrument since then. 

When going to high school, Adrian went to music, dance and drama in Stavanger. After graduating, it felt natural to keep going with the music. He then served one year in the military, and played 1. trumpet in the main band to His Majesty the King's Guard. Further on, he studied one year of Musicology at the University of Oslo. At this time, Adrian is finishing his last year of Bachelor's in performing jazz trumpet with pedagogics. This takes place at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo, which is well known for its good teachers and envoirement. Due to the pandemic situation, Adrian decided to extended his studies with another year of exchange at the Jazz-Institut Berlin (Universität der Künste), and am also doing his final exams here.  

When turning 14, Adrian got his first personal trumpet. He has since then enjoyed playing solo, both classical and in the later years jazz. Adrian plays with different ensembles, where the up and coming soul band Dark Roast and ANDRESEN ENSEMBLE with his own music can be mentioned amongst others. He also makes compositions and arrangements for different ensembles, and does jobs as a freelance musicians on a regular basis.

You can find more information about his music and services at this webpage through the wanted categories, and watch some of his projects underneath. 

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