Concert w/BARK@Hendrix Ibsen
Concert: FRØY@SoFar Sounds. Photo: Andrea Nicolaysen
Playing for kids at a primary school in Ghana, Africa.
Concert: Adrian Barstad Andresen @Victoria National Jazz Scene, Oslo
Concert: KaosKlovn @Rockefeller, Oslo
Concert: Dark Roast @Gamla, Oslo
Concert: His Majesty the King's Guard, Canada
Drill: His Majesty the King's Guard
Self portrait: Adrian Barstad Andresen


Adrian Barstad Andresen is a Berlin-based musician. He is studying jazz trumpet with pedagogics at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo, and at this time doing a exchange at the Jazz-Institut Berlin. Ever since Adrian was younger, he has always enjoyed the art of music in many different shapes. With a background in both brass/wind-orchestras and different rhythmical ensembles, Adrian has a wide knowledge to offer - in performance, composing/arranging and teaching.

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Berlin, Deutschland

(+47) 404 71 527


(+47) 404 71 527

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Drill: His Majesty the King's Guard