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Adrian Barstad Andresen Septet were founded by Adrian in February 2018. Their music is based on simple and catchy melodies, with boiling riffs from the expanded rhythm section to build up on. The compositions has a lot of room for experimenting and improvisation, which makes it fun to play for the musicians and for the audience to listen. It can suddenly go from a playful afrobeat-groove to a hip hop-inspired solo, which makes it one of a kind. 

The ensemble played their debut concert at Victoria National Jazz Scene in Oslo 30th of May 2018, and are looking forward to play more together in the future. 


Adrian Barstad Andresen - trumpet & compositions 
Magnus Murphy Joelson - trombone
Tina Lægreid Olsen - baritone saxophone
Ben Morris - keys
Martin Morland - double bass
Ola Øverby - drums
Christian Løken - drums

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Adrian Barstad Andresen Septet
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