Music has always been a big part of Adrian's life. He found out early that he liked to play himself, but after a while found the passion to teach and to share it with others as well. 

Adrian does a lot of different functions in the music sector. To mention some of them: 

- Teaching in trumpet (all ages and levels) 

- Teaching how to improvise; both in big ensembles in a workshop format (ref. picture) and at an individual level.
- Arranging and composing; both teaching, and doing this for different kinds of ensembles.
- Instructing bands, in all genres from jazz to pop to rock. 
- Taking solo gigs, for example theatre orchestras or fanfares at a event. 
- Taking gigs with different bands, everything from partyband to art music (check out my different ensembles under other services) 


(+47) 404 71 527

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