ANDRESEN LARGE ENSEMBLE is a brand new project made by Berlin-based trumpeter Adrian Barstad Andresen. The large ensemble is a group where each and every musician has their own background and style, which is one of many reason for the group’s unique and organic sound. The compositions written by the Norwegian musician is based on catchy melodies, with boiling riffs from the large rhythm section to build the energy upon. The ensemble is constantly searching for giving the 9 different performers space for their own sound, through both written lines and larger improvised parts, and is with the extraordinary instrumentalists a truly special experience. 


The ensemble will have several of concerts in Berlin the next months, and will also play on the well-known Victoria National Jazz Scene in Oslo (Norway) at the end of May 2020. 


The musicians are: 

Adrian Barstad Andresen (NO) - trumpet/flugelhorn/billy goat horn/compositions

Paul G. Feise (DE) - tenor saxophone/soprano saxophone

Charles Saint-dizier (FR) - Tenor trombone

Kacper Hubicki (PO) - violin/electronics

Max Feig (DE) - guitar

David Soyza (DE) - vibraphone

Nicolas Jacobée (FR) - double bass

Kresten Madsen (DK) - percussion

Johannes Koch (DE) - drums
Monday 4th of May 2020: Cafe Engels Berlin // 20:00
Wednesday 6th of May 2020: Sowieso, Berlin // 21:00
Monday 18th of May 2020: A-trane, Berlin //20:00

Thursday 22nd of May 2020: Victoria National Jazz Scene, Oslo // 21:15
Tuesday 7th of July 2020: B flat, Berlin // 20:00


(+47) 404 71 527

©2020 Adrian Barstad Andresen

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